Spread your money, manage your budget

With “envelope” accounts, prepare your various budgets in advance to monitor your expenses.  Each month, distribute your money into several envelopes you can then spend using your Lydia card.

Create an envelope
Create an envelope

An envelope for each budget

Lydia envelopes are secondary accounts perfect for spreading money between a number of clearly defined budgets to better manage expenses.

“Groceries”, “Rent”… Create an envelope for day-to-day expenses and define a monthly budget for each of them.

Once the envelope is created and is topped up with the monthly budget that was set up, you are all set: start spending the money without having to worry about going over budget.

Create an envelope

Easy to create, easy to use

Envelopes are free accounts that can be created right in the app within seconds.

And for even more ease of use, you can choose from a range of envelope templates.

Topping up envelopes is easy and quick: a simple drag and drop does the job.

Once they are topped up, envelopes are ready for immediate use with all Lydia means of payment: physical cards, virtual cards, contactless mobile payment, etc.

Create an envelope

Create good money-management habits

With Lydia envelopes, one can automate the distribution of money between different envelopes.

Setting up automatic transfers from Lydia balance to envelopes is very easy, and frequency can be fine-tuned: decide if automatic transfers should be made daily, weekly, or monthly.

Recurring transactions are easily managed from the “Accounts” tab in-app, in the “Recurring transactions” section.

Create an envelope