Shared accounts

Share expenses
without any hassle

Share, track and manage all your common expenses with friends and loved ones. Your first mobile shared account is just a tap away!

The first free and mobile shared account

Split all common expenses instantly

Pay for your groceries, rent and online subscriptions with your phone and your Lydia card.

With a Lydia Blue or Lydia Black subscription, you can pay and withdraw cash anywhere in the world, commission-free!


Who? What? Where? How?

Unlimited history

All of your payment information (amount, date, time, location) is stored in the app and can be checked at any time. You’ll never lose track of your expenses again.

The more, the merrier

Fully customizable

Expecting a new member in your family, or a new flatmate? You’re just a tap away from inviting them and granting them all the rights you want (spend or withdraw the money, check the shared account’s balance, etc).

Revoking access to the account and modifying members’ rights is just as easy.

Every event has a shared account

For a couple

Stop burying yourself in paperwork.
Your shared account is set in a couple seconds. You can immediately start sharing your common expenses. Even better: your account doesn’t have an expiration date.

For flatmates

Forget about late night calculations: your common subscription, bill, grocery and night out expenses are already evenly split.
You can add or delete members in just a tap, or even delete the shared account (in the case of the end of a flatshare).

For trips away with friends

Shared accounts are perfect to share reservations (plane tickets, Airbnb bookings) before the trip. You can also easily pay for groceries or nights out during your holidays.
Even better: with Lydia’s means of payment, you’ll never pay any exchange fee, wherever you are in the world.

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Our greatest creation : shared accounts

Our greatest creation : shared accounts