customer service

Need help?

Even though there are no physical Lydia branches, you can reach out to your dedicated team anytime, from the app's inbox.

They answer swiftly - usually less than 12 hours, and will call yo if needed.

If you need an answer on the spot, especially in the evenings and on weekends, try out the virtual assistance or look for your answer in the user guide: it is very handy to delve further into the details of how the app works.

If you are not a Lydia user or if you cannot access the app, you can reach out at the following email address:

Have an idea to help improve Lydia?

Money pots, multiple payment requests, saying thank you after a payment, TouchID, Apple Pay... All these features were added to the app after being suggested to us by users who wrote to us. The more you details you include, the better!

Joining Lydia

Reading our manifesto made you want to work with Lydia until you retire? That's fortunate: we are hiring!

Press enquiries?

Our press page was created for this. We let you know how Lydia is a pioneer of the cashless revolution in not only France but also Europe.

If you are intrigued to find out a bit more about us, feel free to send us a mail to We would be more than happy to chat about mobile payments and the future of cash with you.