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Need help?

In the application, the "Help" tab - on the top left - contains all the options you have to find help on Lydia :

  • The help center, also accessible online, which answers most of the questions you have
  • The automated help: you can describe your problem or ask a question. The automated help provides a quick response 24 hours a day
  • Your Lydia team: when automated help is not enough, your request is forwarded to your Lydia team. You will then find your conversation with them directly in the Help tab.

If you do not have access to your application, you can write to:

Have an idea to help improve Lydia?

Send us your idea using the automated help starting your message with "Suggestion:"

Moneypots, multiple requests, thanking someone after a payment, Touch ID, Apple Pay…. All of these functionalities are in place because an email was sent to that address. The more detailed the mail, the better!

Want to join us?

What a coincidence, we are actually hiring right now! Check out all of our current offers right here.

Press enquiries?

Our press page was created for that exact reason. We let you know how Lydia is a pioneer of the cashless revolution in not only France but also Europe.

If you are intrigued to find out a bit more feel free to send us a mail to We would be more than happy to chat about mobile payments and the future of cash with you.