Current account

The account that will make you forget your bank

An account, a payment card and a mobile application to replace your traditional bank account.

Current account

One account to do everything

With a Visa payment card to pay and withdraw worldwide without fees, contactless mobile payments via smartphone above €50 and the possibility to generate ephemeral credit card numbers for even more secure Internet purchases and subscriptions.

Lydia’s card account also has a French bank account number to manage all its SEPA direct debits or to collect its salary.

The monitoring of the account credit and of all your current transactions (purchases, payment of a bill, addition of a beneficiary, reimbursements, transfer to a relative…) is done in real time.

It is also possible to benefit from a savings account with an interest rate of 0.7% (boosted to 3% for the first 3 months) to put money aside in complete security.


A fully customisable mobile application

In order to better manage your accounts and turn each purchase into an unforgettable memory, it is possible to personalise all your transactions, modify the wording and add a photo of the receipt.

In a few seconds, create all the accounts you need to better manage your money and close them in an instant when you decide. They will also benefit from an advanced customisation for a better understanding of your budget.

Set your payment account alerts as you wish and benefit from live balance updates, payment tracking and a single history for all your accounts.


Instant transfers and balance updates

With Lydia, quickly send money to a friend or a colleague has never been so easy: all you need is a phone number or an email address.

As for account-to-account transfers, they are also free and instantaneous. With a simple “drag and drop”, it is very easy to dispatch your money to all your accounts.

Instant notifications are sent for each money movement on the account and in case of loss or theft of the card, it is possible to block and unblock it without having to call your banker.


The perfect current account abroad

The Lydia account includes an international Visa card with Lydia Blue, Lydia Green and Lydia Black subscriptions that allows you to pay wherever you are, with peace of mind.

There are no unnecessary bank charges and no foreign exchange commissions when you pay or withdraw money abroad.


An account that speaks with your bank

With Lydia, no need to change bank: just connect your bank account to your Lydia app.

You can transfer money from Lydia to a bank account or transfer money from a bank account to your Lydia account instantly and manage it all with one mobile app.

Viewing the balances and history of all Lydia-related accounts is done in real time.


An account that can earn you money

With the Lydia scratch ticket and a Lydia Blue or a Lydia Black subscription, there is a 1 in 1,000 chance of getting your purchase with every Lydia card transaction refunded.

The Lydia’s cashback program allows you to earn money on all your purchases from selected retailers, both online and in-store, and the earnings are paid into your Lydia balance on the 20th of each month.

And with Lydia gift cards, it is possible to receive a bonus of up to €20 depending on the store.


A fully secure current account

Lydia is a French app, designed and controlled in Paris according to the highest standards of banking and IT security. A biometric authentication system offers a very high level of security to validate your transactions in an instant.

The confidentiality of personal data associated with your current account and transactions is ensured in accordance with the standards imposed by the RGPD.

The funds are protected, as required by the regulations, in a so-called “ring-fenced” account opened with BNP Paribas. Thus, these funds benefit from a deposit guarantee of €100,000 per client provided by the Deposit and Resolution Guarantee Fund.



Fully enjoy your current account with Lydia Blue.

Fully enjoy your current account with Lydia Blue.