Donating has never
been easier

Support the cause of your choice in two clicks from your mobile.

Easier than sending a check

No need to take out your checkbook or bank card anymore. Lydia is enough.

Donate to a cause of your choice is as quick as you send money to a friend.


Recognized associations

Lydia ensures the legal due diligence and identification.

All are labelled as being of public interest and defend social, societal, cultural, humanitarian or environmental causes.


For all bugets

So that everyone can give, whatever the amount, because every gesture counts.


Support in the long term

You will soon be able to make your donation a recurring one. At each due date, you will send the amount you have defined to the association of your choice.

  • Action contre la Faim
  • CHU de Lyon
  • CHU de Montpellier
  • La Croix Rouge
  • Epic
  • Fondation 101
  • Fondation Abbé Pierre
  • Fondation de France
  • Fondation du CHU de Grenoble
  • Fondation du CHU de LIlle
  • Fondation du CHU de Nantes
  • Fondation du CHU de Nice
  • Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris
  • Ligue contre le Cancer
  • La Maison des Femmes
  • Médecins du monde
  • Réseau Entourage
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Make a Lydia to an association

Make a Lydia to an association