The trading account to invest from €1

No need to be a seasoned trader or a millionaire to invest in companies* and crypto-currencies! With the Lydia’s trading account, invest in over 2,500 assets, starting at €1, directly from your smartphone.

Fractional investing in companies
& ETFs is enabled via a derivative contract.


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A trading account for every budget

The Lydia’s trading account is a trading platform and an investment account open to everyone, from beginners to experts, to invest simply with Lydia.

More than 2,500 assets are available: companies, crypto-currencies, trackers (the famous ETFs), metals…

You can invest in the biggest companies in the world, the entire CAC 40, the crypto-currencies of the moment or even in gold or silver.

And you benefit from a simple interface to find out the essential information about each asset (presentation, volatility, performance history) before making your choice and to easily follow the evolution of your investments and transactions.

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From €1

Le trading pour tous

Un euro, c’est tout ce qu’il vous faut pour miser sur LVMH ou AppleRetrouvez les informations clés sur ces entreprises dans l’app et devenir investisseur dans les entreprises les plus valorisées du monde, grâce aux actions fractionnées*. Et comme tous les investisseurs, vous touchez des dividendes à la hauteur de votre participation quand l’entreprise en verse !

Même chose pour les cryptos. Vous n’êtes pas obligés d’acheter un bitcoin entier : vous investissez le montant de votre choix, dans ce qui vous fait rêver.

Start investing

Instant, 24/7

Invest when you want to

The listed price of your purchase orders is guaranteed, even in the evening and at weekends.

No surprises when the markets open!


At the best possible price

Thanks to tight spreadsThe spread is the difference between the possible purchase price of an asset and its possible resale price. It is an indicator of liquidity (i.e. the ability to be traded easily without major impact on the price), and it also allows stock market intermediaries to earn a return. Sometimes fixed, often variable, the spread fluctuates according to market conditions. The closer it is to zero, the better it is for the investor! This is why we try to keep it as tight as possible.

Forget the usual bank and investing app fees (exchange fees, transaction fees, entry & exit fees): none of those here.

And we do our best to keep our spreads tight and offer you the best price.


And for those who like shiny things, you’re also able to invest in gold, silver and platinum!

What you need to know before starting investing.

The investment products on the Lydia App are issued by Bitpanda GmbH (E2020-006, FN423018k) and Bitpanda Financial Services (FN551181k) as digital asset servicing providers and investment firms licensed by the Financial Market Authority Austria, registered with the Austrian Financial Market Authority and located at Stella-Klein-Löw-Weg 17, 1020 Vienna, Austria; with Lydia Solutions SAS (RCS534479589) acting as the technical service providers.

They allow you to invest in equity derivatives, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and precious metals (Bitpanda Metals GmbH, FN511923d).

*Equity derivatives and ETFs consist of financial contracts that replicate an underlying stock or ETF; they are not tradable on exchanges or other investing platforms but can be resold at any time to Bitpanda according to the Terms and Conditions. More information on equity derivatives, ETFs and cryptocurrencies, their issuer and their risks in the Prospectus on

The information provided in this advertising material is purely informative and does not constitute advice, a recommendation or solicitation to conclude a transaction.

And remember: no matter how simple it is, any investment carries a risk of total or partial capital loss.

The most complete app to manage all your money

The current account

With a Visa card with no fees abroad and a French IBAN for all your transfers.


Your money is protected and earns you 0.6% per year. Your savings are safe and accessible in 2 minutes, directly from the Lydia app.


From €100 to €3,000 for any desire, directly from your mobile and with no paperwork. No hidden fees and instant response.