Lydia is a banking app for sending and receiving money, paying, saving up…

Money management just became a breeze.


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Instant transfers and receipts

No more paper receipts. Apple and Google Pay-compatible, the Lydia card updates your account immediately after each payment or ATM withdrawal.

No more waiting: all transfers are instant.


Several accounts

With Lydia, money can be organized using as many accounts as necessary, to get a clearer picture and to regain control. Ideal for couples, projects, envelope budgeting and holidays.

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Money pots, sending and receiving money

Say goodbye to bank details, cheques and cash. Pay back whoever you want in just a few clicks using their phone number or their email address.


For special occasions, create beautiful online money pots. So simple.


Open an account in minutes

  • Download the app

    Download the app

    From the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Signing up

    Signing up

    By providing an identity document.
  • First trial payment

    First trial payment

    By card or transfer to top up the account