Like a bank.
Only simpler.
And free.

Paying online, tracking expenses, sending and receiving money… As a couple, a group of friends or solo, use Lydia for free: money management just became a breeze.

Never tried?
An account and a card for free in 5 minutes. No conditions.
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Secure and instant payments

The mobile application comes with a Visa card which is compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Use it to pay in-store and make ATM withdrawals.

Your account balance is instantaneously updated after each transaction. No more paper receipts, no more waiting.

And it’s free. No conditions. No initial deposit.


Shared account and envelopes

The best account for couples: open a shared account in 2 minutes, cancel anytime. And no paperwork involved!

Envelope accounts to organize and spend your money effortlessly.

All accounts have their IBAN for receiving your salary and payments, and for managing direct debits.

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Money pots, sending and receiving money

For special occasions, create beautiful online money pots before breezingly spending the collected funds.

Pay back whoever you want in just a few clicks using their phone number. Say goodbye to bank details, cheques and cash.

Open an account in minutes

  • Download the app

    Download the app

    From the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Verify your profile

    Verify your profile

    By providing an identity document.
  • Ready to go!

    Ready to go!

    Your card and account are ready to be used.

Like a bank.
Only simpler.
And free.