Instant loans

Instant loans for a helping hand, to spread out or optimize

Lydia gives you access to credits from €100 to €3000, directly from your mobile and without any paperwork. You can receive the money right away with an instant deposit, and you can use it however you like.

A personal loan in a few minutes

An incoming cash flow that is guaranteed but still not there? An unforeseen event or THE bargain you don’t want to miss? With Lydia’s personal loans, no need to ask for a salary advance!

You can benefit from a loan of €100 to €3,000 paid into your Lydia account or your bank account and can wait for your paycheck to arrive with peace of mind.

Applying for a personal loan from most banks can sometimes be long and cumbersome: you have to talk to a contact person, sign a lot of paperwork, provide a lot of supporting documents, wait for an answer and then the money…

With Lydia’s loans, everything can be done directly in the app, without any file to fill in and the answer can be immediate.

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An alternative to bank loans and overdrafts

With Lydia’s express loan, you decide when you need financial flexibility and you control the cost.

Loan amount, loan term, monthly payment amount, interest rate… There are no surprises or hidden fees.

All the information relating to your loan application is clearly displayed in a loan simulation before the contract is signed. Once validated, there are no nasty surprises that add to the total cost.

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Buy now and pay later

Whatever you need, you can order what you want now and only start paying in a month.

Shoes, a new smartphone, a bike… A Lydia loan allows you to finance anything you want.

You don’t have to tell us what you want to buy: what you do with your money is none of our business.

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Spread out a large expense

Have you just made a major purchase (travel, scooter, building works)? You can repay a loan of more than €1,500 over 6 or even 36 months.

From your transaction history, you can select any expenditure made by card or transfer and choose to spread it out.

The amount is then credited to your account within 7 days, so that a large occasional expense does not completely paralyse your budget.

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Lydia manages the experiment, they lend the money

To offer you this service, Lydia has combined its expertise in simplifying the user experience with offers from a French credit specialist:
FLOA Bank, for payment facilities

FLOA Bank, for payment facilities

Financial partner of the Casino brand and CDiscount, FLOA Bank is a credit institution (ORIAS 07028160)

FLOA Bank is a public limited company registered with the Bordeaux Trade and Companies Register (RCS) 434 130 423, with a €42,773,400 capital, whose head office is located at Bâtiment G7, 71 Rue Lucien Faure, 33300 Bordeaux. FLOA Bank is a credit institution subject to the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (bank code: 14628) and registered as an insurance or reinsurance broker and insurance agent with ORIAS under the number 07028160

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