Ethical card and current account

The Uncompromising Current Account

The Green+ Lydia current account relies on a banking cooperative that exclusively funds positive and eco-friendly projects. Will soon be back.

Ethical card and current account

Not a dime for fossil fuels

In most banks, account funds are used to finance company projects. And many of those projects support in some way or another oil and coal exploitation.

With Lydia Green+, rest assured that your funds will not—under any circumstance—be used to back fossil fuel energy projects. 

As such, all you need to do is use your Green+ card for your daily expenses.


Local and sustainable projects

Your Lydia funds will instead be backing projects that have shown to provide ecological, social and cultural value. Thousands of projects. All local.

Don’t take our word for granted: check out the list of backed projects  by yourself.


Thanks to La Nef

Lydia provides the app, account, and means of payment, but it is La Nef (cooperative bank specialized in sustainable and local finance) that is in charge of making a positive impact with your funds.

As the sole ethical finance institution in France, La Nef has been leading the way since 1988, with over 6,000 positive impact projects financed, and over 700 million euros of virtuous savings.

According to environmental associations (like LesAmisDeLaTerre), or even Oxfam, La Nef is by far the best-in-class solution.


Lydia Green+ features


Not a dime in fossile fuels

You funds exclusively support ethical and sustainable projects



Responsive customer service ready to help


Green customizable Visa card

With contactless mobile payment and virtual cards

Included Lydia+ features

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    Savings account

    3% interest rate (boosted to 4% during the first 4 months)

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    Cashback program

    Cashback for all your purchases with an array of merchants

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    Express loan and revolving credit

    Finance all your projects with small loans. No hidden fees

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    Scratch cards

    For each payment, get a chance of seeing your purchase refunded up to €100

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    Investment account

    Invest in the best companies and the latest cryptocurrencies from €1

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    Budget tracking tools

    Keep your budget under control and save money day-to-day

Fair price

€79 per year
€7.90 per month
Save €15.80 by paying annually
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