Free card and current account

Simple and free current account

An app, an account, a card. Download Lydia for free and enjoy the basic current account features to manage your daily expenses.

Free card and current account

Free. No conditions.
For all.

Download the app, create your account and enjoy a current account with a Visa card within minutes.

No income or usage condition, no required initial deposit… It’s free and available for all.


Current account essentials

Pay anywhere, in-store or online, using the Lydia Visa card. All for free and across the globe.

Managing your income and direct debits just became a breeze, thanks to the french IBAN provided.

And since it’s crucial, enjoy in person customer service always ready to help, right in the app.


The Lydia touch

Your current account boasts an array of innovative services that make Lydia unique.

The duo account —which you can easily open under 2 minutes— to supplement your main account, single-use virtual cards for safer online shopping, instant transfers with a single phone number, online money pots created in seconds.

All in a clear, intuitive, and free mobile application.


A safe app to secure your funds

Lydia is a French company based in Paris, Lyon, Nantes and Bordeaux.

Registered as an electronic money institution providing payment services (17598 bank code), it is monitored by the relevant public authorities, just like any other French bank.

That means your funds are secure and fully guaranteed up to €100,000.


Unlock more features with Lydia+

Need more from your app? Upgrade to Lydia+ and enjoy new advanced features for even more freedom in managing your money.
Unlock more features with Lydia+


Additionnal features unlocked for €4.90 /month:
  • Savings account

    Savings account

    3% interest rate (boosted to 4% during the first 4 months)
  • Cashback program

    Cashback program

    Cashback for all your purchases with an array of merchants
  • Express loan and revolving credit

    Express loan and revolving credit

    Finance all your projects with small loans. No hidden fees
  • Scratch cards

    Scratch cards

    For each payment, get a chance of seeing your purchase refunded up to €100
  • Investment account

    Investment account

    Invest in the best companies and the latest cryptocurrencies from €1
  • Budget tracking tools

    Budget tracking tools

    Keep your budget under control and save money day-to-day