Payment card

The perfect card

The Lydia card is an ideal complement to the app. It makes spending and withdrawing money from Lydia accounts easy, anywhere in the world.

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A Visa card, accepted worldwide

The Visa Lydia card is an immediate debit card to pay in-store and online, as well as making ATM withdrawals.

It allows for safe contactless mobile payments as it’s compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Plus it’s free.



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One card to manage them all

Spend money with any of your accounts in the Lydia app using a single card.

Current account, shared account, envelopes… Choosing which account is to be debited is possible even after paying.

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No fees abroad

The Lydia Visa card is commission-free for all foreign currency payments and withdrawals.

Make payments and ATM withdrawals at the actual exchange rate set by Visa, with no extra fees. You can choose to deactivate foreign payments anytime, right from the app.

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Safe and secure

If your card is lost or stolen, you can instantly block and unblock it right from the app, without having to call your banker.

Choose your Lydia card’s PIN code and change it whenever you want, as many times as you want.

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A card like no other

A chance to enjoy a refund for each payment


With each payment made with Lydia comes a scratch cards, and hence a chance to get a refund.

A notification for each payment


Keeping track of all transactions made easy with instant notifications.

Start using it right away


No need to wait for the postman to deliver it to start using it: activating a virtual card to pay for morning croissants in the meantime only takes 2 minutes!