Lydia accounts

All your accounts, in one banking application

Personal current accounts, shared accounts, online money pots, remunerated saving account, “envelope” accounts, trading account… You can create and manage any type of account with Lydia.

Open a current account
Open a current account

Personal current account

A real mobile account for your everyday spending, with :

  • A payment card to pay in shops or online, and withdraw money from ATMs;
  • An IBAN to receive salary and direct debits;
  • All the functions of a modern bank account, to manage all your money.
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Shared account

An account to be used by two or more people, for a couple, for a flat share or a holiday with friends.

It works like a classic current account, with an IBAN and an optional card to pay for shopping and subscriptions.

Opening a Lydia shared account is done in 2 minutes, directly in the application, without any paperwork or commitment.

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Remunerated saving account

A saving account paying 0.70% per year (which can be boosted to 3% in the first few months) with the money available within 1 day.

And sub-accounts, like the “envelopes” accounts, to store your money and keep better track of it to save.

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Trading account

A trading platform integrated with the Lydia app, to invest in more than 2,500 available assets (companies, cryptos, ETFs, metals) directly with the money in your Lydia accounts.

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Loans from €100 to €3,000 repayable in 3 to 36 months, with no hidden charges, to deal with an unexpected expense or when you don’t want to miss a good deal.

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Money pots

Commission-free online money pots for all occasions that matter: a loved one’s birthday, a joint wedding gift…

Everyone can participate through the Internet link.

And the money collected can be used as you wish thanks to the application’s payment methods.

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