Serious business

Lydia has is built and controlled in France with the highest banking and computer security standards: Asymetrical RSA keys, 256 bit data encryption, SSL communications. Nothing is too good for your security. You can use Lydia in total peace.

The cards are safely stored

They are not stored in the app. They are not in your phone either, nor on Lydia's servers. They are encrypted and stored by Payline, the French leader in online card payments.

The app is secure

Every payment or sensitive action requires you to tap your personal security code. Nobody can do it on your behalf. Many failed attempts will block the account. It won't be possible to use it anymore, until someone from Lydia's support team gets in touch with you and verifies your identity. If you lose your phone, although your Lydia account is not at risk, you can ask our Support team to temporarily suspend your account. Nobody will be able to use it until you decide to reactivate it.

The transactions are secure

Every payment is authenticated with a unique token that can’t be falsified and doesn’t have any value itself. It has a limited lifetime and can't be duplicated. It doesn't contain your bank information. Only Lydia can read it.

Your data is confidential

We never communicate your personal and bank data. If needed, they are systematically encrypted so that nobody can access them. The access to the information required by the European bank regulation is controlled and limited to qualified personnel, who have been trained to deal with privacy issues. Lydia technical team may need to work on some complex cases. In such situations, they will only have access to anonymized informations.

The money you receive is yours

The money you receive with Lydia belongs to you immediately. It’s stored on your Lydia account. It’s a digital representation of real money stored on a BNP-Paribas escrow bank account. This account is held and guaranteed by the Société Financière du Porte Monnaie Électronique Interbancaire. Lydia can’t access it, and can’t invest it. Only you can access it.

There is no money stored in you smartphone

Just like your bank card, your smartphone is just a payment tool. It doesn’t store any money. If you lose you smartphone, you won’t lose one cent. Your Lydia account remains available and you will find it when you connect to your new smartphone.

An activity regulated and controlled

Lydia's activity is regulated by the European bank regulations, applied by Banque de France's Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution. OKALI is controling the money flows we manage every day.