Rules of the Lydia Scratch Ticket - 02-04-2024

1. Organisation

The organiser is Lydia Solutions, a simplified joint stock company (société par actions simplifiée) with a capital of 1,785,979 euros, having its registered office at 14 Avenue de l'Opéra - 75001 Paris, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number 534 479 589.

Lydia Solutions is licensed and supervised by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution as an electronic money institution authorized to provide payment services and as a finance company (Bank code (CIB): 17598. REGAFI identifier: 62677à (hereinafter referred to as the "Organiser" or "Lydia").

Lydia is organising an advertising lottery (hereinafter referred to as the "Scratch Ticket" or "Lydia Scratch Ticket"), aimed at customers of the Lydia Solution for Individuals (hereinafter referred to as the "Users"), the terms and conditions of which are set out below.

2. Definition

The Scratch Ticket is an advertising lottery within the meaning of article L121-20 of the French Consumption Code (Code de la consommation). 

The advertising lottery is presented in the form of a digital scratch-off ticket (hereinafter referred to as "Ticket"). A Ticket is issued after each eligible Lydia Card payment transaction that the User makes with one of the Cards of which he/she is the holder. The User can, from the Lydia application for individuals, scratch his Tickets to find out if they are winners or not. A winning Ticket triggers the refund of all or part of the payment transaction that generated it.

3. Terms of participation

The Scratch Ticket is exclusively open to natural persons using the Lydia Application, which is the application available for free download on compatible mobile application stores, and holding a Lydia payment card, physical or virtual (hereinafter the "Lydia Card").

The Scratch Ticket is available to all Lydia Users with a Lydia Paying plan. 

Participation in the Scratch Ticket is open from Friday, July 30, 2021 (from 00:00), for a period of one year. From 30 July 2023, participation in the Scratch Ticket is opened for renewable monthly periods.
These rules will apply from 30 August 2023.

In order to participate in the Scratch Ticket, the User is required to make at least one payment with one of the Lydia payment cards, of which he/she is the holder.

This payment must be for a minimum amount of fifty cents (0.50 €) and have as its purpose the purchase of a good or the realization of a service, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The Organiser will also not take into account for the draw and is expressly excluded: 

  • Payment transactions for prohibited activities, as defined in the List of Prohibited Activities when using Lydia services;
  • Payment transactions for the purpose of conducting gaming and betting transactions, including lottery tickets, casino chips, off-track betting and wagers at racetracks;
  • Payment transactions carried out through a banking, payment, electronic money or  investment service provider other than Lydia, its principals and business partners;
  • Payment transactions consisting of, or having as their purpose, top-up of bank, payment, electronic money and investment accounts;
  • Transactions external to the Lydia payment or e-money account and all other transactions that may directly or indirectly result in the generation of cash (also called "quasi-cash");
  • Payment transactions that are not completed, not successful, refused, abandoned, stopped by happenstance and/or refunded by the payee, and
  • Payment transactions made in breach of the contractual documents applicable at the date of the Scratch Card, and framing Lydia's services mentioned on Lydia's website in the following page: General terms and conditions of use.

The Organizer reserves the right to conduct any and all necessary checks on Users to verify the proper application of these rules. Failure to comply with these rules will result in User's participation being null and void, and Lydia may demand a refund of any prizes wrongly received by User.

The Organizer also reserves the right to disqualify, at any time and without notice, participants who have engaged in any fraudulent or abusive maneuver or maneuver intended to circumvent the provisions of these rules or to distort the normal operation of the Scratch Ticket and the odds of winning, and to withdraw the winnings of any User who has made a payment with a sum derived from the fraud.

4. Drawing terms and expected winnings

Each eligible payment transaction entitles the User to a scratch-off ticket. The User has, for each scratch ticket, a one in n chance (n: a positive number less than or equal to 1000) of obtaining a winning ticket. In other words, 1 in n corresponds to the probability of each ticket being a winner. A random draw is made for each eligible payment transaction to determine whether the scratch ticket is a winner, automatically by means of a random designation algorithm, set up by Lydia.

If the payment transaction made by the User is designated as a winner by the Organiser, (hereinafter referred to as the "Winning Payment"), the amount of the winning payment will be refunded to the User who made it and scratched it (hereinafter referred to as the "Winner"), within the limits explained in these rules and not exceeding one hundred euros (€100). 

The User has 24 hours after the completion of the payment transaction to scratch off the ticket and find out if it is a winning one or not. Once this period has elapsed, the User will no longer be able to scratch the ticket or find out if it is a winning one. The payment transaction will not be refunded, regardless of the result of the draw.

Users can benefit from a maximum of 10 scratch tickets per 24 hours. The following payment transactions will no longer generate a Ticket, whatever their eligibility, until the time limit has expired.

The Organiser reserves the right at any time to vary the probability of winning for Users according to the amount of the payment transactions, without the User being notified. This probability of winning will vary identically for all Users, ensuring that each User has an equal probability of winning depending on the amount of the transaction.

The odds of winning are detailed in the Lydia Manual.

It is expressly agreed that the expected win consists solely of the above description, within the limits of the refund limits, and for the entire duration of the advertising operation.

5. Derogations to Article 3 "Conditions of participation to the Scratch Ticket” 

By way of derogation to the present rules, from Monday 22 May 2023 (starting 2:00 p.m.) until 11 June 2023 (midnight), participation in the Scratch Ticket is open to users holding a free Lydia Standard subscription making eligible payment transactions of an amount greater than or equal to fifty euro cents (€0.50) and less than or equal to two (€2) euros (hereinafter "Lydia Standard Scratch Ticket"). 

Once the initial term is over, this derogation is renewable for periods of one week.

6. Derogations to Article 4 "Drawing terms and expected winnings".

By way of derogation from these rules, from Monday 22 May 2023 (starting 2:00 p.m.) until June 11, 2023 (until midnight), the first payment transaction made with Lydia since the User's registration, provided that it is for an amount greater than or equal to fifty euro cents (€0.50) and less than or equal to two euros (€2) and provided that it is an eligible transaction, will automatically be designated as a winner, and will not be the subject of any draw.

This waiver only applies to Users making their first payment with a Lydia Card, after this waiver is in place.

Once the initial term is over, this derogation is renewable for periods of one week.

7. Terms and conditions for awarding prizes

Winners drawn to receive a refund of their payment transaction within the above limits (see 4. Drawing  Terms and Conditions and Expected Winnings) will be notified immediately after scratching, without the need to notify them by any other means. 

As such, by participating in the Scratch Ticket, the User acknowledges and agrees that the sole notification on the Lydia Application is sufficient, regardless of whether it is a winning or losing scratch ticket. 

The winning payment will be refunded directly to the User's payment account within the above-mentioned limits.

The Winning Payment will only be refunded to the User's payment account once the merchant has definitively cleared the transaction.

In the case of a transaction carried out via a payment pre-authorisation initiated by the User, the chances of winning are calculated on the basis of the amount of the pre-authorisation. The amount of the cleared transaction will be refunded to the User.

The Winners agree to provide, upon request, to the Organizer of the publicity lottery,  all information necessary to verify their identity and transactions. The Winners attest to the truthfulness of  all information they provide to the Organizer and authorize all legal verifications regarding the information provided. 

Any information that is incomplete, false, erroneous, illegible, unusable and/or does not correspond to  what was declared when registering for the Lydia Solution for Individuals, for the entire duration of the  Scratch Ticket, will result in the invalidity of the Winner's participation, who will therefore not be able to claim to have won and will lose the benefit of his/her reimbursement.

8. Submission of Scratch Ticket rules

These rules are available for the duration of the Scratch Ticket in the Lydia Application and on the Lydia website at the following URL:

They are deemed accepted by the Participants in the Scratch Ticket, as soon as the Users carry out a payment transaction eligible for reimbursement, as of their publication online.

9. Responsibilities

The Organiser may not be held liable if, in the event of an event constituting a case of force majeure as  defined by Article 1218 of the French Civil Code and by the case law of the competent courts, the Scratch Ticket should be modified, suspended, shortened, terminated or cancelled. The Organiser also reserves the right to extend the period of participation in the Scratch Ticket and to postpone its end. 

The Organiser may modify or terminate the conditions of the Scratch Ticket if it appears that fraud or attempted  fraud, whether actual or suspected, through the use of artificial, fraudulent or criminal means or schemes,  has occurred in any form at any time in connection with participation in the Scratch Ticket. 

The Organiser cannot be held responsible if, as a result of attempted or proven fraud, or the use of  artificial, fraudulent or criminal means, the running of the Scratch Ticket or the designation of the Winner should be cancelled, postponed or modified, or the duration of the Scratch Ticket shortened.

By participating in this Scratch Ticket, each User agrees and undertakes to bear alone any damage or loss  caused or suffered as a result of his or her participation in this Scratch Ticket, unless otherwise provided by public policy.

10. Applicable law, claims, jurisdiction

The present rules are subject to French law. Only the French version of these rules is authentic. For any complaint, Participants may address : 

- An e-mail to the following address: 

- By post to the following address Service Réclamation, Lydia Solutions, 14 avenue de l'Opéra, 75001 Paris. 

For any dispute not resolved amicably, and unless otherwise provided by public policy, the French courts shall have jurisdiction.