Means of payment

Card payments by Lydia

One app. One current account. Three payment methods. With Lydia, you benefit from an ecosystem of cards for any given situation.

Means of payment

The physical card

To make payments and withdrawals anywhere

The standard. The ultimate payment method. 

Free with Lydia Blue and Lydia Black subscriptions, the Lydia Visa card allows you to pay at all retailers and withdraw money from all ATMs, even abroad.

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Internet cards

For 100% secure online payments

  • Free virtual cards with a different number from your main card
  • Free and generated in an instant
  • Your virtual card self-destructs after payment or whenever you want
  • For all your payments & online subscriptions
Generate an Internet card

Contactless mobile payment

To pay in stores simply with your smartphone

You don’t need to have your Lydia card in hand to use it: your smartphone is all you need to pay in any stores.

In 1 minute, directly from the app, set up your Lydia card to pay by simply touching your phone to the payment terminal.

It’s completely secure, there’s no limit to the amount of each transaction, and it works with all smartphone models.

Activate contactless payment

There’s always a good reason to prefer Lydia cards


With our automatic cashback programme, you earn money on your purchases at selected stores. When you pay with Lydia cards, you get a 2% bonus. With every payment.

Lydia roulette

One chance in 1,000 to have your purchase refunded with every Lydia card payment. The more you use it, the more opportunities you have to win.

Buy now and pay later

An unexpected expense or THE bargain you don’t want to miss: our multi-payment option works at all merchants, online and in stores, simply with the Lydia card. And it’s effective immediately.