A one-off card for more secured online purchases

We took advantage of Black Friday to make the “ephemeral Internet card” available in-app: a virtual payment card that is automatically deleted after a purchase. The best weapon to avoid any risk of fraud on your card.

It’s the event that triggers the most purchases in such a short time: in France, Black Friday generated more than 5 billion Euros last year. More than 50 million credit card transactions were carried out in a single day. Not only is this a record, it is also an unmissable bonanza for all fraudsters who steal our credit card numbers and use them to debit our bank accounts.

Credit cards are risky 

“Phishing”, fake Internet websites, attacks on merchant websites databases, hacking of WiFi networks… The phenomenon of card number theft is increasing on a considerable scale: one in five French people say they have already been victims of credit card fraud.

However, in the excitement of the event, and in fear of missing out on Black Friday promotions, you hastily enter your credit card numbers to make your purchase without paying much attention. Any fraudster with our credit card numbers can re-use them to make their own purchases, or sell them on the dark net for a few Euros.

An ephemeral Internet card 

Therefore, in order to 100% secure your bank accounts, we have created the “ephemeral Internet card”: payment numbers that self-destruct immediately after your purchase. No more risk of hackers using them to debit your bank account thereafter, since you use your Lydia account that you top up to make your one-off purchases.

There’s nothing simpler than creating an ephemeral Internet card. Just update your Lydia app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Then:

  1. Go to the last tab of the app;
  2. Select “Manage my Internet cards” and “+”
  3. Select “For one payment”
  4. Use the payment numbers displayed on the app for your next payment.

These numbers can be copied and pasted directly into the merchant’s payment form. You will however need to make sure to top up your Lydia account in order to have a sufficient balance to make your purchase.

The Internet card will automatically be deleted after use.

To enjoy it 100%

We’re convinced that this innovation will be useful to you on a daily basis and will give you peace of mind for all your online purchases. That’s why we give you plenty of time to use a free ephemeral Internet card to try it out.

If you like it, you can upgrage to Lydia plan at any time to create more Internet cards, or simply use yours more intensively.


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