Lydia Green

The current account
without trade-offs

A reliable and powerful account, backed by a cooperative bank that finances sustainable projects exclusively. Back soon!

Lydia Green

All the Lydia advantages

  • A French IBAN
  • A free Visa Debit card
  • Compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Custom transactions with pictures and labels of your choosing
  • Instant and free bank transfers
  • Money pots with no commission
  • Ephemeral Internet cards
  • Shared accounts for two or ten
  • Instant loans

€0 in fossil fuels

Nothing. At. All.

Did you know that the funds on your accounts are used by your bank to finance corporate projects? The thing is, still to this day, most of the financing goes towards fossil fuel extraction.

By choosing Lydia Green as your current account, you can rest assured that your funds will be solely allocated to finance sustainable projects. Starting today, right now.


Local and sustainable projects

And don’t take our word for it

The funds on your Lydia accounts will support local initiatives focused on improving the economic, social, cultural and environmental fabric. Thousands of projects. Always local.

Don’t take our word for it, you can check yourself: here’s the list of all projects financed by the cooperative bank behind our Lydia Green current account.

See the list of projects

One small step for you

One giant leap for mankind

Don’t change anything, you just have to keep using your Lydia card to pay for your daily expenses as usual.

We take care of the rest. Everything changes for your money: not only do you contribute in reducing the financing volume of fossil fuel mining projects, but you also take part in supporting local businesses who usually struggle to find good financing.

And your money does not take any chances: it’s completely risk-free.


Thanks to La Nef

The standard of sustainable finance in France

Lydia provides you with an app, a current account, payment methods, and La Nef takes care of the funds on your account.

Since 1988, this cooperative bank is leading the way with more than 6,000 projects with real impact and manages than 700 million euros in savings.

According to LesAmisDeLaTerre and Oxfam, it’s the one who does it best, and by far.

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Backed by

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A card like no other

Your motto printed on it

Carpe Diem or There is no Planet B, personalize your Lydia card to your likings.

A notification for each payment

Nothing escapes you with the possibility of being alerted instantly every time you make a purchase.

Immediately accessible

No need to wait for the postman to find your mailbox to use it: activate a virtual card in a couple of minutes and go and pay for your baguette right away!

An unbeatable price

Annual 2 months offered! Annual
79,00€per year
7,90€per month
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